We are a group of Home Health entrepreneurs who have run home health agencies ourselves, offered consultation for multiple agencies, solved problems like staffing shortage, team collaboration, revenue analysis, claims rejections, CMS star ratings improved, and so on. Amongst our team, we have over 47 years of home health industry experience. It was painful for us to see legacy solutions offering the home health agencies absolutely outdated EMR solutions and leaving them dry when it comes to claims and reimbursements. There’s a high churn among the home health clinicians. From our surveys, we discovered that the primary reasons the clinicians don’t want to continue working a particular home health agency are the inefficiencies in working with the remote staff and the time it takes to complete clinical notes only to get them sent back from QA to re-do them. This also frustrates the agency because of the delay it causes in going from admission to reimbursement. To that, add the ongoing CMS compliance mandate changes and reimbursement cuts to realize the amount of stress the agency owners and executives are under. That’s precisely the reason we built this modern EHR solution that is technologically sound, operationally intelligent, and truly helpful. Even our software pricing is kept lower than any of the existing products out there so as to help the struggling agencies.

With an aging population increasing, we have the responsibility to create a sustainable, caring and efficient in-home healthcare solution. We truly believe that EaseEHR can help you. If you feel otherwise, we would like to hear your problems and work with you to improve it further. Please send us a message via the Contact Us page.