All-in-One Home Health Solution

Having worked with over 500 agencies, we understand that your home health should prioritize patient care AND profits to thrive.

Modern EHR

EaseEHR is a freshly built, API-driven technology that has 1000s of configurable, intelligent rules to offer you flexibility as well as ensure compliance.

Mobile App

Designed with feedback from 7000+ home health clinicians, EaseEHR App works on phones and tablets with optimized clinician workflows and documentation.

Integrated RCM

Gone are the days when EHR and RCM were different systems. With EaseEHR, RCM starts before admitting and continues while scheduling, visiting, charting, and billing.

Accountable Ops

In real time, know which staff owns what task throughout your company. Easily traceable, metrics-driven operations flow will help you get more from your team.

Understand the context using Timelines

Collaborate using secure messages. Analyze problems and understand the situation in context by using our timeline feature

  • Task Management
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant messaging
  • Communication Timeline
  • Detail audit logs
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Quality Assurance is not something you do at the end.

EaseEHR uses evidence-based decision support models to prompt the clinicians to do the right things at the right time. Quality is guaranteed.

Improve CMS Star Ratings
Focus on patients needing care
Reduce back and forth notes QA
Improve clinician retention

Static reports are outdated. Use funnels and health trackers instead.

Track every team member’s productivity with advanced funnels, timelines, and health trackers. Monitor everything. Dive into details with just a few clicks.

Other features popular among our customers

Here are a few more features that often receive our customer’s praise.

Mobile-friendly Back Office Portal
Electronic Visit Verification
OASIS Export Tracking
Electronic Claims Submission
Electronic Remittance Advices
Clinician Credential Management
Intuitive Clinical Notes
OASIS Export Tracker


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